Train Transport Inc. sucht Arbeitskräfte

Die Train Transport Inc. ist dem Anschein nach ein aufstrebendes Unternehmen, dessen Sitz in Italien liegt. Mittlerweile habe ich schon das zweite Jobangebot per E-Mail bekommen. Das Anforderungsprofil ist erneut angenehm niedrig.

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Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:08:05 -0700
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Interesting job in a stable company recognized all over the world and producing its own products, promoting them under its own trade mark, receiving income and being the leading operator on the market.
A unique opportunity to improve your skills at home by applying advanced work technologies and to display your talents.
The position of manger in our company requires as follows:
– computer with Internet connection
– experience of working with Internet and E-mail, as well as office software (MS Word, Excel)
– age over 21

Sincerely Yours, Sergio Cinzano

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